The next morning we decided to save lots of time by driving rather than hiking the six mile round trip from the campsite to the Coquille River Lighthouse which is inside the park boundaries. The weather was chilly and windy, a typical coastal morning. Made the lighthouse appear even more run down and gloomier. But we did spot a huge bald eagle resting out on a jetty. The shot of it below was the best I could do from such a distance with the digital camera.

Julie claims we saw Cape Arago Lighthouse but I have no memory of it. In fact, I only remember a couple of the lighthouses we saw. They kind of all blend together after a few. Discovered the Umpqua Discovery Center. It's a really nice facility educating visitors about the life of the Umpqua valley, it's early inhabitants and it's development. The lady in charge took us behind the scenes of the next exhibit to be added. It's still under construction but we ducked behind the tarp and stepped over electrical cords to get a glimpse of what will be the inside of a bear cave. I do remember seeing the Umpqua River Lighthouse, or at least the back of it along with the Coast Guard housing. Kind of glum.

We had our lunch while watching a bunch of elk do the same at the Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area. Roosevelt elk are Oregon's largest land mammal, weighing up to 1,100 pounds and standing as tall as 5 feet as the shoulder. Antlers can reach spreads of nearly three feet. The ladies and the gents kept separate spaces. The boys' antlers were still fuzzy.


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