Later we decided on Myers Creek Beach in the Pistol River State Park between Brookings and Gold Beach as our tide pool of the day. It wasn’t our first choice but it turned out to be one the best tide pool choices we've made. We discovered creatures for the first time, like the six-rayed sea star (Leptastarias hexactis), some of which were no bigger than my thumbnail. This also was the first place where we had spotted some particular predation in action. We saw a small crab caught in the clutches of a sea anemone and a large, black mussel in the grip of a purple sea star. We knew these creatures fed on these other creatures but had never seen it happen. And how slow does a crab have to be to get caught by a sea anemone? As for sea stars, they pry open the shells of the mussels (which are bivalves - I knew you were wondering), invert their stomachs into said creature and feed off the soft tissue. You know, if given the choice between inverting my stomach into a bivalve and the Elk Valley Casino, I’d have to think about it.


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