Our destination in Pacific City was the Pelican Pub and Brewery. The food was great, very fresh. Although Julie is not a beer fan, she did give the Heiferweizen a try. As the name indicates, the Pelican brews their own brew. Several kinds. But I really enjoyed the Heiferweizen: "A Tillamook County classic ~ smooth, quenching, and eminently drinkable! Yellow in color and a little hazy in appearance because it's unfiltered. This wheat brew has a snappy but mellow flavor, and a smooth, dry finish. Heiferweizen is spiced with orange peel, cardamom, and coriander in the fermenter for a light, delicious, fruity-spice character. No cows or cats we're used in the processing of our Heiferweizen." Lunch was terrific, set right on the beach staring at Haystack Rock (though not the same Haystack Rock as on Cannon Beach). Took home a "growler" (1 litre) of the Heiferweizen for myself and we picked up a "mega growler" (64 oz.) to share with Kathryn and Amanda on the Fourth of July. Alas, they were unable to make it so I had to drink ALL of this beer within 7-10 days before it went flat. That's more beer than I've had in about a year. At least I can take the bottles back to the Pelican to be refilled at a discounted price!


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